Riding at an event?

Tempted to compete at a new venue? Worried about stepping up to the next level? Want to know if a particular course is a confidence-giver, has technical questions, is up to height or has alternatives to the more difficult fences?

FlyMyCourse uses drones and high-definition aerial video to enable you to virtually ride a cross country course before you get in the saddle. Our ‘aerial course walks’ provide  a unique preview of courses from a horse and rider’s point of view, giving you a competitive and safety edge.

As equestrian experts we understand the importance of walking a course as many times as possible. Our innovative technology helps imprint your course walk in your mind — picture the terrain before and after jumps, memorise fences and meet your optimum time by flying over the course at the same speed as you plan to ride it.

The videos can also help you assess a new course before you pay expensive entry fees or plan an appropriate training regime for those hilly or technical tracks.

Review and memorise your cross country course – before you arrive at the event. That’s the FlyMyCourse advantage!




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