Training and safety

Many people learn better by watching. Our aerial course walk videos can help everyone involved in equestrian events – riders, coaches, officials and volunteers.  

FlyMyCourse believes there is a significant advantage to using high-quality video to assess rider performance and improve awareness. Alongside aerial course walk videos of a specific track, we also can film showjumping or training sessions in any discipline to give riders greater insight into how they ride.

Benefits for riders

  • Identify what you are doing right and where improvements could be made
  • Assess whether you and your horse are ready to step up to the next level
  • See how your performance has progressed – revisit your training videos again and again
  • Gain critical postural analysis and insight into the effect this has on a horse
  • Use slow-motion video to watch the horse’s gait and way of going

Benefits for instructors and venues

  • Fly through a course with your pupil to improve safety and test how they would approach different fences
  • Inspire a generation of young grassroot competitors who live in a social media viral hashtag era. All videos are viewable on mobile devices.
  • Fly through a course to train jump judges on penalties or simply plan where they park their cars
  • Build a long-term visual record of your pupil’s progress
  • Use slow-motion video for better postural analysis

Benefit for charity 

We believe our aerial course walks will not only enhance your competitiveness and enjoyment but also your safety while eventing.

Rider safety is close to our hearts at FlyMyCourse and we all understand this wonderful sport is not without risk. We really appreciate the role played by the emergency services in helping riders after a tumble.

For this reason we donate £1 to the Air Ambulance in your event’s region every time you purchase an aerial course walk from us.

We hope you will support us in this.

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