Hosting an event?

Are you hosting an event event soon? Are you an equestrian venue that runs pony club camps or offers year-round training facilities? Do you want to attract more grassroots riders? Do your website and social media channels showcase your venue effectively?

Give your online presence a lift with our short and inspirational aerial videos and photos, filmed by a team which understands your equestrian world. Here’s a promotional video we did recently for Moreton-Russell in Dorset.

A short clip, tailored to your website and your social media channels, will show off your venue to its absolute best in an era where video is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. This is a short Facebook preview we built for Moreton.

And critically for your business it will attract and reward sponsors who will relish the prospect of targeting riders with their products and messages in a vivid way.

View over event water jump

FlyMyCourse uses professional drones to create top-quality aerial images, which we combine with high-definition ground camera footage to create effective and impactful promotional video. We use drones prior to your event, when the course is dressed, and ground video cameras on the day to capture the action.

As equestrian experts we understand that the safety of horses and riders is paramount. We do not use drones live at an event or near horses and riders.

FlyMyCourse Ltd uses CAA-licensed drone operators with comprehensive public liability insurance provided to ensure you, your loved ones, your business, your horses and the public are protected.

Aside from promotional activities, one useful application of our ‘aerial course walk’ videos for venues is to use them brief or train jump judges and to show where penalties should be imposed for refusal, run-out or circling.

Comparison with Google Earth

Another interesting option is to create a very high-definition photomap of your entire venue – akin to Google Earth but with much higher quality. These are excellent for creating posters or mapboards at your venue and can be annotated to your requirements, invaluable for directing visitors, traffic and riders.

We often find our clients have inspiring and innovative ideas on how to use aerial images – let us know what’s in your mind’s eye and we’ll do our best to deliver on your vision.






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